In the ancient past,

Our Gwangjin-gu was the site where Koryo, Baekjae and Shilla competed over, centered on the Mt. Achasan that safeguards the supreme love of General Ondal, who is famous as the son in law of the Koryo's King Pyungwon and Princess Pyunggang due to its outstanding geographic characteristics that places it in contact with the Mt. Achasan and the Han River. Gwangnaru and Ttukseomnaru are the centers of the transportation from the past where many people would go and come, and it flourished greatly due to the gathering of each regional products and cultures.
In the Chosun Dynasty, this was a beautiful and rich area where many nobles and painters would recite lyrics while staying here since there Nakcheonjeong and Hwayangjeong were established, and since the horse farm that unfolded in the wide hills and fields offered beautiful scenery by forming harmony with the calmly flowing Han River.


Even today,

This is a clean region that is in contact with the upper stream of Seoul's Han River, and it formed a rich green area that connects to Mt. Achasan natural park, Children's Grand Park, Sejong University, Konkuk University, and Hangang Park Ttukseom Area. Thus, it is proud of its refreshing environment, and this is a region filled with many riches and enjoyment with rich array of cultural and tourist resources such as Walker Hill, Techno Mart, The Little Angels Performing Arts Center etc.
Moreover, this is the gateway to the eastern Seoul as the stronghold of transportation where the East Seoul Terminal and seven bridges are connected and where subway lines 2, 5 and 7 go through. This is a stable residential area that offers convenient life since specialized commercial regions such as electronics, clothing, furniture, food etc. are well developed, located near subway.