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Ereğli District District, Konya City, Turkey Mongolia Khan-Uul District Nashville, Tennessee, US

Ereğli District, Konya City, Turkey

Ereğli District, Konya City, Turkey map

General Information

  • - Address : Belediye Baskanligi 42320 Eregli/KONYA - TURKEY
  • - Tel : 001-90-5462-075624
  • - Homepage :

Local Information

- Location: As one of 28 districts in Konya City, Ereğli District is located at the foot of Taurus Mountains where the Mediterranean meets the Middle East. Area: 2,189km² (Population - 120,000) / 26 villages, 5 neighboring counties, 47 townships.
Local Features: Fruits such as sugar beet, apple, and cherry, and livestock including sheep and cattle are the principle products of Ereğli. Especially, this is the only place in Turkey to have the source of tap water be from a spring.
Main Industries: A large scale factory of the public white sugar corporation' (1,200 employees), sugar beet farming, texture manufacturing factory, stock-farming and dairy industry, production and exportation of fruits such as apple, pear, apricot, beverage industry (the only spot in the country where white cherry is produced and made into wine for exportation to Italy), etc.

Other Information

- Education: 30 elementary and middle schools, 11 high schools, 1 national institute, 1 technical college. Culture & Leisure: Lake AKGOL, Ibiriz sculpture, Ulujami temple, etc. Main Facility: EU-5 International Expressway, etc.