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Haemaji Festival

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The first day of a new year! Acha Mountain Haemaji Festival opens a new day.

This event's objective is to enjoy the first sunrise of the year and to start off the year in high hopes at the famous landmark of Gwangjin-gu, Acha Mountain, where the sun can be seen the earliest in Seoul.

Since the first Acha Mountain Haemaji Festival on January 1, 2000, it has established itself as not only a Gwangjin-gu regional cultural festival but also as a representative the main New Year event in Seoul. Many people who wish to open the door of hope with family or neighbours participate in the event.

The Haemaji festival which is held from 7am for about 70 minutes on the ridgeline of Palgakjeong of Acha Mountain attracts approximately 30,000 residents, in addition to our Gu residents, from Songpa, Gangdong and Joongrang for the viewing of the first sunrise of New Year.

Outline of Event

Outline of Event
Title of Event : Acha Mountain Haemaji Festival
Date and Time : Every January 1st, 07:00 ~ 08:00
Place : Acha Mountain driveway/hiking trail/Haemaji Square
Event inquiry : Gwangjin-gu Culture and Sports Division (Tel. +82-2-450-1320)
Direction :
  • - Subway : line #5 Gwangnaru exit #1, Achasan exit #2
  • - Bus : 130, 303, 342, 370, 2221, 9301, 9403
  • - duration : From getting off from the subway or bus, it takes approximately 10 minutes on foot to Acha Mountain entrance.