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Top 8 Tourist Attractions

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1. Seoul Children's Grand Park

Children's Grand Park

Open in 1973, Seoul Children's Grand Park is the first amusement park for children in Korea and has lots of great attractions to appeal to all ages of citizens until today. It is an ultimate leisure facility for families, offering the natural trail, amusement facilities, the zoo and the comic character's world.

2. Mt. Achasan

Achasan Mt

In Mt. Achasan, Historic Remains of South Korea No. 234, a lot of historic relics have been excavated including the fort clusters built during the Goguryeo era, making it the biggest historic scene from Goguryeo in South Korea. Once the Goguryeo History Museum and Goguryeojeong Pavilion are completed here, this area is expected to attract even more tourists and history explorers while helping younger generations establish their national identity. Here every year, the Achasan Goguryeo Festival, which was recently designated as one of the festivals representing South Korea, and the New Year's Sunrise Festival where the sun is seen rising first in Seoul, are held. In the meantime, the Achasan Ecological Park, which was designated as a Beautiful Night View of Seoul, is utilized as an urban green zone where children can experience and learn about nature.

3. Ttukseom Resort

Ttukseom Resort

A variety of facilities and amenities for tourists are located in this district: on-ship restaurant, excursion ship, water-taxi dock, Byeokcheon Fountain, artificial rock wall, outdoor swimming pool, etc. Also, one can enjoy the ecological riverbanks, outdoor stages and music fountains built during the Han River Renaissance Project. Now this eco-friendly riverside park is loved by a lot of Korean and foreign tourists.

4. Jayang, Junggok, Norunsan traditional market

Traditional Markets

If you like to interact with other people, you need to go to the three major traditional markets. It is not only clean and neat atmosphere, but also overflowing with humanity. It is possible to be able to enjoy shopping at the low price through various sale events.

5. Walkerhill-gil Road

Walkerhill-gil Road

The 1.5km-long forest promenade from Cheonhodaero Road to the Walkerhill Hotel, located on the hill where Mt. Achasan and the Han River border each other, is the street of beautiful cherry blossoms and red fallen leaves. Connected to the Health Tourism Belt (Goguryeo History Museum -> Ecology Park -> Walkerhill Hotel -> Gwangnaru Street of Romanticism -> Gwangjingyo Bridge), this is a driveway where the Han River is viewed at a glance.

6. Gwangnaru Riverview 8st Avenue

Gwangnaru Riverview 8st Street Avenue

Along this street, leading from Gwangjingyo Bridge to Gwangnaruteo through the Gwangjin Information Library, Gwangjingyo Bridge, the Han River Citizens' Park and buildings nearby create a beautiful scene of the Han River. The bridge is famous for its two lanes of 2m-wide bicycle tracks and 3 balcony-type, protruded observatories.

7. KonKuk Univ. Street of Culture

KonKuk Univ. Street of Culture

There are various foods, shopping centers, a movie theater and clubs at the KonKuk Univ. Street of Culture. It is connected from the Food Street of Hwayang-dong to Lame Shish Kebab Street of Jayang-dong. If you want to go to the quiet place, you can visit the Ilgamho Lake located inside KonKuk University. It is possible to take a walk quietly and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

8. Techno Mart

Technomart Sky Park

Technomart, located beside the Gangbyeon Subway Station, has some 2,500 electronic stores, clothing stores and multiplex movie theaters. The Sky Park is on the top floor of the Technomart, providing the beautiful scenes of the Olympic Grand Bridge and Gangbyeonbungno Road as well as the Han River flowing across Mt. Achasan and downtown Seoul.

1. Seoul Children’s Grand Park
2. Achasan Mt
3. Hangang Park Tukseom District
4. Traditional Markets
5. Walkerhill-gil Road
6. Gwangnaru Romantic Street
7. Rodeo Street of Culture and Arts
8. Technomart Sky Park