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Issuance of National and Local Tax Payment Certificate in Gwangjin-gu Office
  • Counter : Tax Administration Office, Gwangjin-gu Office (2F, Civil Welfare Building)
  • Description
    • Issuance of National and Local Tax Payment Certificates
  • Business hours : Weekday 09:00 ~ 18:00
  • Contact : ☎+82-2-450-1345
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Issuance of National and Local Tax Payment Certificates to Aliens with Tax Liability

  • Description
    • As of the date of issuance, the certificate certifies that the taxpayer (person liable for special collection) does not have any delinquent local taxes except the amount of deferment of collection and delinquency disposition in accordance with Article 80 of the Local Tax Act and the amount in arrears relating to seized stay of realization of deferment of collection or delinquency disposition in accordance with Article 140 of the Debtor Rehabilitation and Bankruptcy Act.
  • Applicant
    • Tax obligators (persons obligated to pay special taxes), in other words, all Koreans and aliens with tax liability (corporations or individuals)
    • If applied by a third party, submit the tax obligator’s Letter of Attorney and ID Card and the proxy’s ID Card
    • If the applicant is a minor in accordance with the Civil Act, a certificate cannot be issued
    • Corporation: Letter of Attorney and the proxy’s ID Card
  • How to apply
    • Visit any self-governing body, use the civil affairs handling system, or apply online via Minwon 24
    • Visit a Gu Office or Community Center in Seoul
  • Required information
    • Tax obligator’s (person obligated to pay special taxes) address, place of residence, office, and name
    • Tax obligator’s (person obligated to conduct special collector) place of business and items of business
    • The purpose of use of a certificate
    • Number of certificates
  • Documents required
    • A copy of Notice of Emigration Permission (if applying for issuance of a passport for emigration)
    • Certificate of Business Registration (only for privately owned businesses)
    • Corporate Certificate of Corporate Register
  • Term of validity
    • In principle, 30 days from the date of issuance
    • If the tax obligator has any local tax item whose due date of payment is within 30 days, the certificate is valid until the due date.
  • Fees
    • Free

Certificate of Tax Payment by Item

  • Description
    • A certificate proves tax payment by item
      ※ A certificate proves that the tax obligator has paid local taxes.
  • Fees
    • 800 won (per certificate)
  • How to apply
    • Community Center (Gu Office) where the building is located in (Gu Office)