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Discharge of Waste

  • Waste management is important for environmental conservation and a pleasant residential environment. In Korea, waste should be separately discharged depending on its type (recyclable waste, food waste, general waste, and large-sized waste).
  • Waste types and how to discharge
폐기물 종류 및 배출방법
Type General waste Food waste Recyclable waste Large-sized waste
Details - Diapers
- Bones (beef, pork, chicken, and fish)
- Peels and shells (nuts, eggshells, and shellfish)
- Waste other than recyclable waste, food waste, and large-sized waste
- Food ingredients, waste generated during production, processing, cooking, storage, and consumption of food, and leftovers - Paper (newspapers, books, notes, paper boxes, and boxes)
- Paper packs and cups (milk cartons, soy milk cartons, drink cartons, and disposable paper cups)
- Bottles (drink bottles and other bottles)
- Vinyls (Film bags with the recycling mark such as instant noodle bags, snack bags, etc., disposable vinyl bags, etc.)
- Plastics (PET, containers with the recycling mark such as synthetic resin containers, etc., and Styrofoam)
- Cans (iron cans, aluminum cans, butane gas, and pesticide containers)
- Scrap iron (tools, wires, nails, aluminum, stainless steel, etc.)
- Furniture such as desks, wardrobes, etc. and home appliances such as refrigerators, TVs, etc.
Method Use standard waste bags Use food standard waste bags in a food waste container Tie up recycle waste before discharge Contact a waste collection agency or report online for discharge
Time of discharge 18:00 ~ 21:00 (Discharge all types of waste including general waste, food waste, and recyclable waste)

※ Discharge waste fluorescent lamps, waste batteries, and clothes in the designated boxes.

※ Waste home appliances

- Small home appliances : Home appliances with a height of less than 1 meter such as computers, vacuum cleaners, electric rice cookers, etc. ⇒ Discharge at the Community Service Center Contact the Community Service Center if waste is too big or too many items need to be discharged. (Request for collection) - Large home appliances: Home appliances with a height of 1 meter or over such as TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, etc. ⇒ Apply online (www.edtd.co.kr) or contact the Call Center (1599-0903)

Cleaning Agencies and Discharge Schedule

Waste collection agency

청소대형업체 현황
Cleaning agency Responsible district (Dong) Type of collecting waste Contact
Gyeongdongsa Jayang 1-dong, Jayang 2-dong,
Jayang 3-dong, Jayang 4-dong
General waste, food waste
(recycled waste : Jayang 2·3-dong)
Fax, +82-2-455-9481
Local Clean Gwangjang-dong, Hwayang-dong,
Guui 1-dong, Guui 3-dong
General waste, food waste
(recycled waste : Guui 1·3-dong, Gwangjang-dong)
Fax. +82-2-455-0855
Jangsu Environment Junggok 1-dong, Junggok 2-dong,
Neung-dong, Gunja-do
General waste, food waste
(recycled waste : Junggok 1-dong, Neung-dong)
Fax. +82-2-452-6955
Daea EDI Guui 2-dong, Junggok 3-dong,
Junggok 4-dong
General waste, food waste
(recycled waste Junggok 3-dong, Guui 2-dong)
Fax. +82-2-458-4202

Discharge schedule by dong

동별 배출일정
Dong Collection day of general waste, food waste, recyclable waste Collection ate of large-sized waste Discharge time
Junggok 1-dong, Junggok 2-dong, Guui 2-dong,
Gwangjang-dong, Hwayang-dong, Jayang 1-dong, Jayang 2-dong
Sun, Tue, Thu Mon. – Sat. 19:00 ~ 24:00
※ Large waste
- House: 07:00 ~ 16:00
Apartment: 09:00 ~ 18:00
Junggok 3-dong, Junggok 4-dong, Guui 1-dong,
Guui 3-dong, Neung-dong, Gunja-dong, Jayang 3-dong, Jayang 4-dong
Mon, Wed, Fri