Transportation Service Office

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Transportation Service Office

Civil Service Office Location
2F, Civil Welfare Building, Gwangjin-gu Office
(Transportation Administration Division) ☎+82-2-450-1480 (Traffic Guidance Division) ☎+82-2-450-1485
(Transportation Administration Division) ☎+82-2-3425-1730 (Traffic Guidance Division) ☎+82-2-3425-1728


  • Issuing and reissuing Motor Vehicle Register
  • Transfers to other cities, changing the purpose of use
  • Cancelling vehicle registration, changing license plates, collecting vehicle acquisition taxes and registration taxes
  • Parking tickets, releasing seizures
  • Accepting objections to bus lane
  • Objection to parking violations

Business hours

Weekdays 09:00 ~ 18:00
For vehicle registration, visit the office 20 minutes before closing since the process is completed after confirming payment of taxes and registration fees.