Flying into Seoul

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There are largely four transportation options available between Incheon International Airport and Seoul: taxis, private cars, airport shuttle buses, and the airport railway.
Visit Incheon International Airport (Public Transportation)

Airport shuttle buses

  • Airport shuttle buses travel to Seoul and Gyeonggi-do and the intervals are varied from 10 to 30 min. depending upon your destination.
  • Visitors are recommended to check the location of bus station and operating hours at the Information Desk.
  • Airport railway
    • The airport railway runs between Incheon International Airport and Gimpo Airport and connects to Subway Line 5 and 9, which take you to major areas in Seoul and nearby Gyeonggi areas.
  • Taxi
    • Taxis are available at from 5C to 8C at the pick-up area on the first floor (Arrivals) of the terminal. General taxi fare starts from 4,000 won.
  • T-money (for Foreigners)
    • Use the KOREA TOUR CARD for shopping, F&B, culture, tour, entertainment discounts.

      Various shopping, F&B, culture, tour and entertainment discounts are offered for the KOREA TOUR CARD.

      KOREA TOUR CARD Website
    • Price : 4,000 won (※Accepts cash only)
    • Vendor : Convenience stores (7-ELEVEN at major tourist sites, CU Incheon International Airport ), Incheon Airport Railway Travel Center, Seoul Metro Vending Machine, Airline (all routes to Korea via international flights of Jeju Airline and Hong Kong Express)
    • Tip : Enjoy various benefits during your stay in Korea on shopping (city duty free stores, department stores, large shopping malls), culture (museums, galleries), F&B (Osulloc, O’ngo Food), entertainment (Lotte World, Everland, SM TOWN), etc.

      ※ Provide your KOREA TOUR CARD when making payment. (Use the barcode on the back as a coupon)
      You may be asked to provide a proof of alien (passport or airline ticket).