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Multicultural Family Support Center is operated to help and support settlement and living of multicultural families by providing comprehensive services of education, counseling and information.

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Relevant laws

Support for Multicultural Families Act, Enforcement Decree, Enforcement Rule

Consigned operating company

Social Welfare Foundation Sarang House

Main business

  • Korean language education : Level 1~4
  • Basic business
    • Family : Bilingual Family Environment Creation Project, Family Relation Improvement Program, etc.
    • Gender equality, etc. : Education for married couples, etc.
    • Human rights : Education on multicultural understanding, etc.
    • Social integration : Employment support, self-help group, etc.
    • Counseling : Family counseling, case management, etc.
    • PR and resource connection
  • Specialization project : Language development support project, interpretationㆍtranslation service project
  • Visiting education service : Korean language education, parent education, child living education (Child living service : Differential share of an individual applies)


Saemaeul Gwangjin-gu Branch, 2F, 23, Neungdong-ro 30-gil, Gwangjin-gu (369-14, Neung-dong)


☎ +82-2-458-0666 (connect to internet phone), Fax ☎+82-2-458-0185