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86 documents of 13 types including Resident Registration, Land Register, Building Register, Certificate of Military service, Family Relations Certificate can be issued from Certificate Issuing Machine.

Certificate issuance by the certificate issuing machine

  1. Select the issuance list from the screen

  2. Select the type of certificate

  3. Confirm resident registration number and scan fingerprint

  4. Data processing

  5. Pay fees

  6. Printout

  • ※ Certificate for personal confirmation does not require an ID card as your fingerprint is scanned on a reader.
    (Since it works similarly to a bank ATM, follow directions on the screen)
    • - Fees : Only accepts bills (1,000 won) and coins (100 won, 500 won) (No card)
    • - Identification method : Entering resident registration number and scanning fingerprint
  • ※ If fingerprint scanning does not work, visit the community center or the relevant organization to issue a document.

Issuance of Court Certificates

Machines for issuing Family Relations Certificate

  • 2 machines at Gwangjin-gu Office
  • Dong Community Center

Machines issuing Real Estate Register

  • 1 machine at Gwangjin-gu Office
  • Junggok 1, 2, 3-dong
  • Guui 1, 2, 3-dong
  • Gwangjang-dong
  • Neung-dong
  • Gunja-dong
  • Jayang 1~4-dong Community Center

Location and Operating Hours of Self-Service Machines

Location and Operating Hours of Self-Service Machines
Place Location Number of unit Operating hours
Gwangjin-gu Office Front door of Civil Affairs Service & Passport Office, Gwangjin-gu Office 2 24 hours (All year round)
Subway stations Exit 1, Gunja Station (next to B1, Convenient Store) 1 05:00 ~ Next day 02:00
Exit 2, Konkuk University Station (2F) 1
Exit 1, Guui Station (2F) 1
Exit 3, Achasan Station (B1, Waiting Room) 1
Exit 2, Junggok Station (Next to B1, IBK ATM) 1
Shopping malls Techno Mart building (Front door of B1, shopping mall) 1
1F, Smart City Shopping Mall (Entrance to Samsonite, Gate 4) 1 07:00~24:00
Hospitals 1F, Konkuk University Medical Center (Next to escalator) 1 00:00~24:00
Dong Community Centers 1F, Civil Service Office, Junggok 1-dong Community Center 1 Weekdays(Mon~Fri) 09:00~18:00 * Hours vary according to operating hours of each community center on weekdays and Saturdays. Please ask the applicable Dong.
1F, Entrance, Junggok 2-dong Community Center 1
2F, Lobby, Junggok 3-dong Community Center 1
1F, Entrance, Junggok 4-dong Community Center 1
1F, Entrance, Neung-dong Community Center 1
2F, Civil Service Office, Guui 1-dong Community Center 1
1F, Civil Service Office, Guui 2-dong Community Center 1
1F, Entrance, Guui 3-dong Community Center 1
1F, Entrance, Gwangjang-dong Community Center 1
1F, Entrance, Jayang 1-dong Community Center 1
2F, Entrance, Jayang 2-dong Community Center 1
1F, Entrance, Jayang 3-dong Community Center 1
1F, Entrance, Jayang 4-dong Community Center 1
Outside of 1F, Hwayang-dong Community Center 1
1F, Entrance, Gunja-dong Community Center 1