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[Filming Site Tour] Korean wave experience course for touring main filming sites

Time required
Approximately 2 hours
Level of difficulty
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  1. Course 1 Achasan Mountain

    Filmed movie ,drama , etc.

    Walk 15 minutes from exit 1 of Gwangnaru Station

  2. Course 2 Gwangnaru Riverview 8th Avenue

    The filming site for drama and

    Walk 50 minutes along the Achasan Goguryeo History Road

  3. Course 3 Children's Grand Park

    The filming site for music video and entertainment show

    Walk 18 minutes, take line 5 through exit 2 of Gwangnaru Station, get off at Achasan Station

    Walk 4 minutes from exit 4 to arrive at the back gate of Children's Grand Park

  4. Course 4 Ttukseom Resort

    The filming site for music video , drama and

    Leave the front gate of Children's Grand Park and take line 7 through exit 1 of Children's Grand Park Station

    Leave from exit 3/4 of Ttukseom Resort Station