Healing Tour

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[Healing Tour] A temple visiting and eco tourism course with seasonal beauty

Time required
Approximately 1 hour
Level of difficulty
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  1. Course 1 Walkerhill Hotel

    A place of culture and relaxation where you can enjoy the day view and the night view of the beautiful Hangang River

    Gwangnaru Station (Line 5), Exit 2

  2. Course 2 Walkerhill-gil Road

    A path of meditation that offers the beauty all year long

    Walk 5 minutes

  3. Course 3 Acha Mountain Ecological Park

    It offers various eco experience space and resting area by operating Achasan Forest Trip, Ecosystem Experience Class, etc.

    Walk 5 minutes

  4. Course 4 Yeonghwa Temple

    Founded by Monk Uisang in year 627 under Yongmabong Peak, this temple was called as Hwayangsa and changed its name to Yeonghwa Temple after relocating jn 1907

    Walk 5 minutes

  5. Course 5 Sinseong Market

    A friendly place to experience a variety of foods

    Walk 5 minutes