Youth Tour

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[Youth Tour] A tour course to feel lively youth while to enjoy meditation

Time required
Approximately 1 hour
Level of difficulty
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  1. Course 1 Children's Grand Park

    A representative park in Korea for children with various spectacles to enjoy

    Children's Grand Park Station (Line 7) Exit 1

  2. Course 2 Ilgangho Lake

    An artificial lake inside Konkuk University filled with youth and romance where you can relax by the tranquil lakeside with migratory birds

    Walk 5 minutes

  3. Course 3 Konkuk Univ. Eatery

    Konkuk Univ. Street of Culture offers various cultural performances like Cheongchun Tteurak and foods

    Walk 5 minutes

  4. Course 4 Rodeo Street

    The best place to find things to eat and shop in Gwangjin-gu

    Bus 2412 (in front of Norunsan Market) → Get off at Kookmin Bank Jayang branch