Achasan Mountain History and Culture Tour

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[Achasan Historical and Cultural Tour] Tourism tour course that is expected to expand understanding of cultural heritage and protect cultural heritage

Time required
Approximately 1 hour
Level of difficulty
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  1. Course 1 Achasan Rural Library

    A place to learn the overview of Achasanseong Fortress

    Walk 1 minute from Achasan Mountain Ecological Park

  2. Course 2 Hongryeon Peak Fort 1·2

    The battlefield between Goguryeo, Silla and Baekje that teaches you the importance of a fortress

    Walk 5 minutes

  3. Course 3 Achasanseong Fortress

    The representative cultural asset of Goguryeo burial that embodies the spirit of Korean people

    Walk 15 minutes

  4. Course 4 Top of Achasan Mountain

    A place to feel the spirit of Goguryeo and enjoy the panoramic view of Gwangjin-gu. It is also a place for celebrating New Year.

    Walk 10 minutes