Medical Checkup for Foreigners

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Checkup for Foreigner [Inquiry : Medical Examination Center ☎ +82-2-450-1573]

Target Foreigners residing in Gwangjin-gu
Preparation Alien registration card (Address Certificate of Korean resident abroad cannot be used)
Checkup time Monday ~ Friday (9:00 ~ 11:30)
Checkup item  Physical measurement: Height, weight, blood pressure, etc.
Blood test: Anemia, diabetes, liver function, renal function, hyperlipidemia, Hepatitis B, syphilis, AIDS, etc.
Urinalysis: Renal disease and diabetes
Chest X ray test: Tuberculosis
Preparation Comfortable clothes (wear pants)
Result Visit Medical Examination Center to check the result after 1 week (bring an ID card to see the test result)
Co-payment Free
Precaution Fasting from 10 pm of the day before examination (a small amount of water is allowed)
No appointment is required