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Gwangjin Information Library

Business hours

Classification Summer (March ~ October) Winter (November ~ December) Saturdays/Sundays Remark Closed days
Reference Room 09:00~20:00 09:00~19:00 09:00~17:00 Library Building •The 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month
•State-designated holidays and temporary holidays excluding national holidays and Sundays
•When the director of the library decides to close the library due to general stocktaking, maintenance, etc.
Multimedia Room 09:00~18:00 09:00~18:00
Children’s Reading Room 09:00~18:00 09:00~18:00
Archive Room
Serial Publication Room
(Extended opening)
(Extended opening)
General Reading Room Ⅰ·Ⅱ 07:00~23:00
(Extended opening)
(Extended opening)
07:00~22:00 Culture Building

Facility status

  • Size
    • Area : 3,499㎡(1,059 pyeong)
    • Building area : 7283.10㎡
    • Library Building 1-story below/5-stories above ground, Culture Building 2-stories below/5-stories above ground
  • Main facilities
    • Library Building : 4,549.82㎡
    • Seating : 1,109 seats
    • Culture Building : 2,733.28㎡

Facility information

Gwangjin Information Library

4F Comprehensive control room/Reference General Reading Room 1
3F Multimedia Room/Digital Lecture Room Series Publication Room/Administrative Data General Reading Room 2
2F General information Exclusive seats for the disabled 40
Children’s library
(Children’s Reading Room, Family Reading Room, Baby Reading Room,
E-BOOK/Digital Information Room, Children’s Audiovisual Room)
1F Cafeteria/Parking lot Parking lot
B1F Preserved Repository Sewage Treatment Pump Station Soundtrack Music Hall