Ereğli District , Konya City, Turkey

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General Information

Belediye Baskanligi 42320 Eregli, KONYA, TURKEY


Local Information

  • Location : As one of 28 districts in Konya City, Ereğli District is located at the foot of Taurus Mountains where the Mediterranean Sea meets the Middle East
  • Area : 2,189㎢ (Population – 120,000)
  • Administrative district : 26 villages, 5 neighboring counties, 47 townships
  • Local features
    • Fruits such as sugar beet, apple, and cherry, and livestock including sheep and cattle are the principle products of Ereğli. Especially, this is the only place in Turkey to have the source of tap water from a spring.
  • Major industry
    • A large scale factory of the public white sugar corporation' (1,200 employees), sugar beet farming, texture manufacturing factory, stock-farming and dairy industry, production and exportation of fruits such as apple, pear, apricot, beverage industry (the only place in the country where white cherry is produced and made into wine for exportation to Italy), etc.
  • Other Information
    • Educational institute : 30 elementary and middle schools, 11 high schools, 1 national educational institute, 1 technical college
    • Culture and leisure : Lake AKGOL, Ibiriz sculpture, Ulujami temple, etc. 
    • Main facilities : EU-5 International Expressway, etc.

Exchange History

터키 콘야시 에레일라구 교류일지
Date of major exchange summary

The 1st Korea-Turkey International Photography Exhibition
- Exchange between Gwangjin-gu Photographer Society’ and ‘ANFODER PHOTO CLUB’ of Ereğli District in commemoration of sisterhood relationship between photographer clubs.

11. 14 ~ 11. 18, 2011

Official invitation of the Ereğli District Delegation (district mayor and 12 persons) to Gwangjin-gu
- Official visit in commemoration of 10th anniversary for signing sisterhood

10. 29 ~ 11. 1, 2010

Official invitation of the Gwangjin-gu Delegation (district mayor and 7 persons) to Ereğli District
- Participated in the completion ceremony for 「Kwangjinro」, the sisterhood park in Ereğli District

6. ~ 7, 2009

Installation of ‘Cheongsachorong lamp,’ the traditional Korean lantern
- Donated 30 sets of Cheongsachorong lanterns (KRW 29,000,000)
- Installed by engineers in Ereğli District, completed in July

10. 8 ~ 10. 13, 2008

Official invitation of the Ereğli District Delegation (district mayor and 12 persons) to 2008 Achasan Goguryeo Festival
- Participated in the completion ceremony of ‘Osmanli Cesme’, the traditional Turkish basin
- Participated in the opening ceremony of 2008 Achasan Goguryeo Festival

6. 6 ~ 6. 15, 2008

Installation of ’Osmanli Cesme’, the traditional Turkish basin [in Gwangjin Park]
- Donated the tools and equipment for building the basin
- Jointly constructed by the dispatched supervisor and engineers from Ereğli District and the Gwangjin-gu Road Bureau

10. 14 ~ 10. 19, 2007

Official invitation of the Gwangjin-gu Delegation (district mayor and 9 persons) to Ereğli District

11. 18 ~ 11. 27, 2006

Return visit of the Kamil atalai personnel (27 school personnel and students) upon invitation of Guman Elementary School

11. 17, 2005

Visit of the Turkey Delegation [district mayor (Ahmet Ozdogan) and 17 person to Gwangjin-gu

Private sisterhood relationship between Guman Elementart School – Kamil atalai Elementary and Middle Schools]

6. 6, 2005

Visit of the Gwangjin-gu Delegation to Ereğli District by an official invitation

The first formal meeting between district mayors of both countries (district mayors: Yeongseop Jung, Ahmet Ozdogan)

Supported the purchasing costs of tools and materials for promoting the office (KRW 5,000,000)

Donated a 15-seat van for the disabled of ‘Kamil atalai Elementary and Middle School’, the school for commemorating the veterans of the Korean war (KRW 25,000,000)

2002. 10. 16

Opening of sisterhood park in Ereğli District and completion of ‘Gwangjinjeong’, the traditional Korean pavilion
- Supported KRW 133,000,000 for site development cost and KRW 66,000,000R for construction costs of park (3,735 pyeong)
- Dispatched 5 technical experts from Korea (Konkuk University, Architecture and Design Major)

2. 26, 2001

The 1st official visit by the Ereğli District Delegation to Gwangjin-gu and signing of friendship treaty

10. 31, 2000

The 1st official visit by the Gwangjin-gu Friendship Delegation (district mayor) to Ereğli District
- Promised mutual understanding and promotion of friendship, return visit in 2001, and establishment of a sisterhood relationship