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[Linked Course 1] ①Children's Grand Park → ②Konkuk Univ. Street of Culture → ③Norunsan Market → ④Ttukseom Resort

Time required
Approximately 1 hour
Level of difficulty
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  1. Course 1 Children's Grand Park

    A representative park in Korea for children with various spectacles to enjoy

    Walk 4 minutes from exit 4 of Achasan Station to arrive at the back gate of Children's Grand Park

  2. Course 2 Konkuk Univ. Street of Culture

    Konkuk Univ. Street of Culture offers various cultural performances like Cheongchun Tteurak and foods

    Exit the front gate of Children's Grand Park and walk 17 minutes along the Neundong-ro Walking Street to arrive at the Konkuk University intersection

  3. Course 3 Norunsan Market

    Connecting Norusan Market, Yeongdonggyo Market and Neungdongro Market, this place offers various attractions and foods

    Walk 15 minutes from the Konkuk University Station intersection to arrive at Norunsan Market

  4. Course 4 Ttukseom Resort

    The filming site of music video , dama and

    Walk 14 minutes from Norunsan Market to arrive at Ttukseom Resort