Civil Service and Passport Office

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민원여권과 이용안내

Civil Service Office Location
1F, Civil Welfare Building, Gwangjin-gu Office


  • Accepting applications of permission and petitions, granting permission, and reporting of construction
  • Certificates of family relations and register (Report of birth, death, marriage, and international marriage)
  • Civil certification and document issuance application (Resident Registration, Certificate of Family Relations, Seal Certificate, reporting of change in place of stay, etc.)
  • Passport service (passport application·evaluation·issuance, management of issued passport)
  • Operating an exclusive counseling window for socially vulnerable groups (disabled, pregnant women, etc.)

Business hours

Weekdays 09:00 ~ 18:00 (Extended hours until 20:00 on Thursdays for passport and civil documents issuance)