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We operate an employment permit system (EPS) to solve a work force shortage of small businesses and contribute to balanced development of national economy through systematic introduction and management of foreign workers.

Employment process for general foreigners

  1. Perform TOPIK

  2. Write and send the list of foreigner job applicants

  3. Sign a standard labor contract

  4. Conduct a prior employment education

  5. Conduct an immigration and employment education

  6. Allocate a foreign worker to a work site

Change of a workplace of a foreign worker

  • It is a rule that a foreign worker continues to work at a business he or she began working.
  • However, if it is acknowledged that it is difficult to continue a normal labor relation due to temporary or permanent closing of the business, disbursement of wage, etc. then change of a workplace is allowed up to 3 times to guarantee basic human rights of the foreign worker.

Reason for transfer (change) of a workplace of a foreign worker

  • When the employer terminates the employment contract or rejects renewal of the contract for a valid reason.
  • When the foreign worker is no longer able to work at the workplace for reasons not owning to that person such as temporary or permanent closing of the business
  • When cancellation or restriction of employment of a foreigner has been given due to reasons of human rights abuse like assault, disbursement of wage, decreased working condition, etc.
  • When a person can no longer work at the corresponding workplace due to an injury, etc. but can work at other workplace.
  • A person who disturbs the change of work or a workplace of a foreign worker may face up to 1 year of imprisonment or KRW 10 million of fine.

Job seeking method in case of termination and change of employment for a foreign worker

  • Once the employment relationship with the employer ends, the foreign worker must submit the application of change of workplace to the employment center to carry out job-seeking
  • The valid period for application of change of workplace is 1 month after resignation and the valid period for finding a job is 3 months. If a person fails to find a new workplace within 3 months, he or she must leave Korea.
  • ※ A person other than those who work at the employment center shall not intervene in selection, recommendation or other employment activities of a foreign worker. In case of violation, the person may face up to 1 year of imprisonment or KRW 10 million of fine.(Article 29 of Foreign Workers Employment Act)