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[Ecological and Cultural Tour] A healing course that offers relaxed nature, ecosystem and history of Mt. Achasan and Hangang River

Time required
Approximately 2.5 hours
Level of difficulty
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  1. Course 1 Acha Mountain Ecological Park

    Providing natural ecosystem experience center with wild plant garden, butterfly garden, clay soil path, marsh eco park, etc.

    Walk 15 minutes from exit 1 of Gwangnaru Station

  2. Course 2 Gwangnaru Dock

    The old dock where numerous boats came in and out has lost its function when a bridge was built and it turned into Gwangnaru Romantic Street

    Walk 35 minutes along the Achasan Goguryeo History Road to arrive at Gwangnaru Romantic Street

  3. Course 3 Rose Garden

    Established within Ttukseom Hangang Park, this garden comprises of 40 types of aromatic roses and it creates an exotic atmosphere with a European fountain and a rose tunnel

    Walk 1 hour and 10 minutes along the Hangang River Trail

  4. Course 4 Ttukseom Cultural Complex

    A multipurpose cultural space in the shape of an inchworm (moth caterpillar) with the length of 240 m and the area of 2,493㎡, and it features gallery and book cafe

    Walk 16 minutes