Taebaek-si, Gangwon-do

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General Information

21, Taebum-ro, Taebaek-si, Gangwon-do
☎+82-33-550-2598 (Planning and Audit Office)
MOU Date
October 25, 2017


Symbol mark

Mascot (Seecomes)

Mascot (Taebum)

Tree (Yew)

Flower (Peony)

Bird (Jay)

Local Information

  • Location :Taebaek-si is the south central city in Gangwon-do, which is located at the 650m basin canyon branched out from Taebaeksan Mountain with the altitude of 1,567m
  • Area : 303.52㎢
  • Administrative district : 8 dong, 183 tong, 944 ban
  • Local features
    • With the average altitude of 700m, it is considered as the best eco-friendly city with clean oxygen and a global tourism city with infrastructures of tourism, culture and sports
    • High altitude regions of a hilly canyon brings a mountain climate, which is cool in Summer and cold in Winter
  • Main tourist attractionsㆍfestivals
    • Taebaeksan National Park, Yongyeon Cave, Fossils of Early Paleozoic Periods, Geomryongso Spring, Hwangji Pond, Samsuryeong Pass, Gumunso Pond, Maebonsan Wind Power Plant Complex, Taebaek Coal Museum, ‘Descendants of the Sun’ Filming location, Taebaeksan Snow Festival, Taebaek Hangang ㆍNakdonggang Source Festival, etc.

Exchange History

Exchange History
Date and time of exchange Summary
7. 16, 2018

The mayor of Gwangjin-gu, produced and sent a video message for congratulating the Taebaek HangangㆍNakdonggang Source Festival

1. 19 ~ 20, 2018

Participated in the 25th Taebaeksan Snow Festival and discussed the direction of exchange cooperation

10. 25, 2017

Signed a friendship MOU between Gwangjin-gu and Taebaek-si

8. 7, 2017

Discussion between the Administrative Groups of Gwangjin-gu and Taebaek-si

7. 28 ~ 29, 2017

The mayor of Gwangjin-gu participated in the Taebaek HangangㆍNakdonggang Source Festival and discussed the direction of exchange cooperation

2. 2016

Taebaek-si suggested exchange cooperation