Ttukseom Hangang Park

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Ttukseom Area

During your visit to Seoul, you will see a large river that crosses the city's center. The Hangang (Riv) is similar to the UK's Thames River and France's Seine River; it represents Seoul. Generally, people cross the river by car, but Hangang (Riv) is an attractive space where you can enjoy various sports, events and just relax. One step forward, and your memories will grow twice!

How to get to here

  • Location] 112 jayang-dong, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul
  • Phone : 02-761-8201~4
  • Subway : Exit 2,3 of Line 7 tukseom Station
  • Bus : 2014, 2221, 2222, 2415 Get off at the Taejin Transportion 2014 Local

Theme Park 'Supia'

If you want to enjoy swimming, don't forget the Water Theme Park when you are going to Hangang (Riv). You don't have to go all the way to the beach to enjoy swimming. There is children's pool for young children, waterslides, sun beds,parasols, shower booths, snack corner, and swimming suit stores, so even if youare not prepared, you can enjoy swimming and resting. You can also enjoy various concerts and exhibitions throughout the year whenever you are visiting Hangang (Riv).

Tour Tip : Supia is a word combining the word 'Arisu' which is the traditional name for Hangang River and Seoul's water brand, with the word 'Utopia'

Tukseom Music Fountain

The 'Tukseom Music Fountain' allows you to see the 30m-diameter and 15m-high energetic and beautiful fountain show showing various forms such as different mist fountain, sharp fountain, swing and ginkgo leaf shapes. It is functioned by individual nozzles that have been placed in a star shape and played along with music.

Byeokcheon Artificial Rock-Climbing

Ttukseom Byeokcheon Artificial Rock-Climbing Wall is near Hangang River and Line 7 Ttukseom Park Station, so anyone who enjoys climbing can easily use it without having to go far. The rock structures include hand and foot holds so you can enjoy the thrilling emotion when going up, and a sense of relief when coming down.

Ttukseom culture complex J-Bug

The name â J-Bug (inchworm)â derives from its resemblance to the worm of geometrid moth. It is a 4-story culture complex with a view specially designed to look like a roller coaster. You can easily use the observatory deck, outdoor deck exhibition area, concert stage, restaurants, café, gift shop, etc. It is directly connected on the 2nd floor from the Subway Line 7 Ttukseom Park Station to the Hangang Park. You can conveniently use the stairs or the underground elevator from the Park.

Riverview 8th

The Riverview 8th Avenue is one of three observatories under the bridge in the world. You can experience the floating performance stage on water and exhibition space, where culture and art meet, showing the romantic Hangang River view. It has also become an attractive date course for couples since the filming of the TV drama 'Iris'.

Water leports

There is a lot to see in Hangang River, but there are also lots to enjoy. You need to pay approx. 60,000 won to experience various activities, but the water leports lessons run by Gawngjin-gu can be enjoyed with just 10,000 won. You will be able to make a memorable experience with your friends by riding the banana boat, Hangang River rating, surfing board balance, water trampoline and many other fun water sports.